Mentor Programme consists in taking care of a student from abroad who comes to study at University of Gdansk. Mentor’s help is needed from his/her first days of staying in Poland, and sometimes even earlier by contact by e-mail.
Every Erasmus student who comes to our university has a Polish tutor, called Mentor. This allocations take place before the arrival of Erasmus student to Poland.

The tasks of Mentor include:

  • contact with Erasmus student before the arrival, (there are many questions to which the answers can help in preparation for the arrival to Poland such as: information about the weather, food costs etc.),
  • picking up from airport/train or bus station (if it’s possible),
  • helping with accommodation, with settling in polish reality (buying monthly ticket, finding the apartment),
  • helping at the university (help with making a contact with lecturers and university authorities, show how to use the library),
  • meetings, sightseeing together, some emergency help.

Participation in the program does not oblige to full time care - we support each other, so you can always count on someone's help, especially ESN UG Gdańsk. The most important thing during the whole period of being a mentor is to be in a constant contact with "your" Erasmus student, so that he/she could always count on you. The time that you will spend together is, above all, an amazing experience, a chance to make new friends, to improve the language and a chance to have fun!

The recruitment to Mentor programme takes place twice a year:

  • at the end of the academic year (June - July), to become a Mentor in the first semester of the next academic year,
  • at the end of the first semester (December - January) to be a Mentor in the second semester.

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