Timetravels, Finnish based travel agency, specialises in student and youth tours to
the Northern Europe, including Finnish Lapland, Norway, Russia and Baltic countries.
Company is already working in youth travel market since 2006 and company mission
is to do it for a difference. 
Future generations are the ones, those will have to deal with many problems
generated by the previous generations. Our mission is to teach students by the
experience to appreciate and protect the vulnerable nature, open their eyes for
prejudices and artificial tensions between East and West, understand the history and
respect other people and cultures. Commitment to constant improvement and
listening to the customer has helped us to achieve unique customer experience.
Results can been seen as excellent feedback, 4,7 in Facebook and 5.0
in Tripadvisor.
If you want to experience trips and adventures, from a completely new way, check
out us at www.timetravels.fi for departures from Poland