Erasmus – an unforgettable adventure, a great chance to improve your knowledge of foreign language, meet new culture and friends. However, it often entails unnecessary stress or fear of what is foreign and unknown. Future Erasmus students, although excited about the upcoming trip, do not really feel confident in a new situation. Especially for them "Time for Erasmus" was created, project made by ESN UG Gdańsk.

Time for Erasmus is a one-day training held at the end of the academic year, focused on students of Tricity universities who are going for Erasmus exchange in the following year. The aim of the event is to prepare participants for their perfect trip abroad. Three thematic blocks attract every year a large group of future Erasmus students.

Erasmus practical guide

A series of tips on how to prepare without any stress for the first few days on exchange. In this training, participants will learn what steps to take immediately after crossing the border of a new country, where to look for an apartment or which formalities to complete.

Mamma mia! I’m abroad!

Preparations for contact with another culture. In this training, participants can find out what the culture shock is and how to deal with it. They will learn about common stereotypes abroad and how to show that Poland is… cool!

Foreign language is not that foreign

At this meeting, participants will learn what to do in order to make it easier to contact with people and how to overcome barriers that stand in the way of effective intercultural communication.

During the training, we create a database of Erasmus people whose purpose is to provide information to those who are going to benefit from the Erasmus programme in the following years. As a result, student who will take part in an exchange in the future, will be able to contact the person who was on Erasmus in the same country, city or even at the same university.

We hope that "Time for Erasmus" will ease the participants leaving the homeland and enable them adaptation into a new environment in a stress-free way, making Erasmus the most beautiful experience of their life!