Project gives international students not only the opportunity to get to know new culture and system of education, but it enables them to engage as volunteers to act in aid of a local community. The project encompasses multicultural information meetings in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, as well as ecological and cultural events (Erasmus Forest) and charity actions (International Santa Claus). All the projects are tutored by international students. The project acts in the name of idea of enriching the society through international students.


Year 2008 was a year of celebrations the tenth anniversary of the Erasmus Program in Poland under the motto of the New Era of Erasmus. These celebrations enabled to sum up the Erasmus related activities and in the first place to formulate plans for the future. The motto the New Era of Erasmus was not coined by accident. Having entered a new decade a new dimension of the program has been initiated, namely its major project called SocialErasmus which was established by Justyna Adamiec and Magdalena Pawelczyk. As the project has appeared to be a big success in Poland, it was introduced to international level and voted during CNR Warsaw 2010 an international Erasmus Student Network project.


The aim of the SocialErasmus project is to complete the stay abroad with the original values of the Erasmus Program. Erasmus is supposed to be an opportunity to get to know new cultures and education systems as well as to make new unforgettable friendships, but also it should be a kind of inspiration for a future life. Moreover, SocialErasmus project enables to experience something new, and as consequence of Erasmus program participants will get a new perspective which would be beyond their cognitive abilities, if they did not take part in the Erasmus program. Taking into consideration above factors, the main slogan of the project is:

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